Is your Central Committee Seat Open?

Do you live in Hamilton County? Have you ever looked to see if your Central Committee seat is open?

Hamilton County Republican party has 548 seats….189 of them are EMPTY!  We need good people, normal folks to fill those seats.

Central Committee is the most important job we can be doing in politics.  Every precinct in Ohio has a representative to the political parties. There are over 9,000 precincts in Ohio. The role of the Precinct Executive or Central Committeemen is to be the voter’s representative to the political parties.

These reps determine the direction of the political parties. If you are unhappy with the direction of your political party you need to get involved.

People are policy. If you don’t like the policy, change the people. It only takes about 48 hours a year. It is the best return on investment you can do in politics.

Learn more about Central Committee at

You need to know your precinct number. To look it up visit the Hamilton County Board of Elections and enter your address. It will kick out your vote information.

Then look here to see if your precinct seat is open. If there is no one listed, there is no Precinct Executive in that precinct.

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