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Ohioans Against Common Core Action Update


CALL REP. STEBELTON’S OFFICE AT 614-466-8100 and ask to be put on the House Education Hearing Distribution List. Let them know you are following the Common Core Repeal Bill and are working to stop Common Core in Ohio. This serves to put Rep. Stebelton on notice that we are watching whether he allows for due process of HB237, shows support of full repeal and keeps you up to date and aware of any scheduling changes. The hearing room assignment will be indicated on the schedule you receive.

PUT OCTOBER 9TH AT 3:00PM ON YOUR CALENDAR (NOTE TIME CHANGE FROM 5:00) and attend the Repeal Bill Sponsor Hearing. Rep Andy Thompson is scheduled to present sponsor testimony to the House Education Committee on Oct. 9th at 5:00 pm. We need to fill the room to send a clear message to the committee members and especially to Chairman Stebelton that concerned Ohioans expect nothing less than sufficient hearings to have our concerns heard, as well as testimony of expert witnesses, who support FULL REPEAL of Common Core in Ohio. Chairman Stebelton wields all power over this committee. He alone determines if we get a Proponent Hearing on HB237. WE MUST TURN OUT ON OCTOBER 9TH FOR THIS HEARING.

Process – With Repeal legislation assigned to the House Education Committee, the next objective becomes moving the bill through the committee and House legislature. Legislation must get through committees, off the floor of the General Assembly and receive the Governor’s signature to become law. This is a long and arduous process. Read “How A Bill Becomes Law“.

The first step begins October 9th. Please be there and bring your children.

History teaches us that those who control education also control the hearts and minds of a nation’s youth. If they breach this gate nothing else will matter.

Our children are not human capital. They do not belong to the state. Join us in this fight before it’s too late. It is up to each of us to do our part.

Hamilton Tea Party, Butler County
Tuesday 6:30pm
Harry T Wilks Conference Center, Miami U, Hamilton Campus. 1601 University Blvd
Sharonville Tea Party

Sharonville Tea Party is getting back off the ground after a while on hiatus.  If you are in the Northern Cincy suburbs check out the new Sharonville Tea Party website for more information on this group.

Saturday Oct. 20th 2-4:00p
Defend Freedom at the Concerned Veterans Rally & BBQ
VFW Post 4369
3318 East Sharon Road
Sharonville, OH 45241

The Concerned Veterans for America “Defend Freedom Bus Tour” will feature an array of veterans, military families & patriotic Americans taking our message of service, freedom, and action across the country and straight to the people. Join us as our three week bus tour rolls into town!

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