Liberty Meetings this week | May 18, 2015

Western Hills Community Action

When: Monday,  May 18th from 7-8:30PM
Where: Christ Fellowship Church (Formerly Joy Church) 5000 North Bend Road

This meeting will be town hall with two State Reps from Southwest Ohio, State Rep Lou Terhar and Lou Blessing  Representative Lou Terhar is asking for input from constituents on important issues including; Constitutional Carry (the right to conceal/carry without a permit); Whether marriage officiates have the right to refuse to marry based upon religious beliefs;  Open Container Zones; Unemployment benefits for spouses of service personnel forced to move on PCS orders; Same Sex Marriage in Ohio; Marijuana legalization/decriminalization and  State funding for Medicaid Expansion.  Should be an interesting discussion.

Warren County Liberty Alliance
When: Monday, May 18th at 7pm
Where: Mason Fire Station 51, 4420 North Mason Montgomery Rd Mason, Ohio

On the Agenda, State Representative Paul Zeltwanger discusses his first months in the Ohio House and his vote on the recent state budget.  Conservative lawyers Matt and Julie Byrne fill us in on the background and role of the Federalist Society. Defeat of the Warren County Career Center  levy…An impressive victory.  Who did it?  How did they do it?

Election Day in Kentucky!!!
When: Tuesday, May 19th!!!

Eastern Hills Community Action
When: Tuesday, May 19 at 7pm
Where: Connections Church, 7421 East Galbraith Road Madeira, Ohio 45243

Jake Hesseling from Americans for Prosperity will offer an update on what AFP considers current key issues.  Staying updated so we can help others be engaged is really important — so please stop by for some good information!

The Ohio House passed budget has been hotly debated among Tea Party and other conservative/libertarian groups.  We’ll clarify some of the good and the bad.  Common Core is a crucial issue for our state, and we’ll get up to speed on where we stand.  Senate bill 615 passed with GOP support.  Did Republicans cave again, or is this the real deal for fighting President Obama’s ill advised nuclear deal with Iran?  Which amendments are crucial to the Patriot Act renewal process, and how do we get the NSA spying under control?  We’ll get to the facts.
Clermont Liberty PAC – Candidate Recruitment Night – Information Meeting
When: Thursday, May 21st, 7:00PM
Where: Union Township Civic Center, 4350 Aicholtz Rd. (Behind Jungle Jims) Cincinnati, OH

Have you ever been frustrated by government?
Do you feel the hard earned money you pay in taxes is being wasted?

Are you tired of seeing tax increases every year?
Do you feel politicians have forgotten who they really work for?
We would like to invite you to a short meeting to discuss the local-level positions that will be elected in November 2015.

Cincinnati East Tea Party
When: Thursday, May 21st 7pm
Where: Oakley Community Center. Hyde Park Shopping Center, 3882 Paxton Avenue

A very special evening is planned on May 21 when you will be able to expand your understanding of the meaning and history of the U. S. Constitution in a most engaging way. The evening centers on a video presentation by Larry Arnn, President of Hillsdale College followed by a discussion of the lecture led by Randy Kleine who has taught Constitution courses across the tri-state.

West Chester Tea Party Meeting
When: Thursday, May 21st, doors open at 6:30 for food and fellowship, meeting starts at 7pm
Where: Life Church, 8480 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd — Rt 42 — West Chester, OH 45069

Alan McIntyre from Frederick Douglas Republicans is the main speaker, and will fill us in on his latest grass roots efforts at recruiting urban voters in the Tri-State!  Alan is never short on gripping stories of the battles in the streets, and always willing to share them.  Barry Riddell will also be present to share how we all can do what he’s done — in getting appointed to a very important local “office” simply by getting active and using our gifts.  There will be reports on current issues and action we can take to help restore our liberties. We’ll also be giving more details on our participation in the Memorial Day Parade.

Defend Freedom Tour 2015
When: Saturday, May 30th at 3pm
Where: Sharonville Convention Center
Concerned Veterans for America presents an uplifting afternoon of inspiring speakers and great music from Madison Rising and Ayla Brown.  Enjoy complementary food and drink then visit the CVA Action Center to learn how you can defend freedom.  Admission is Free. RSVP today.

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