Our founders established the Cincinnati Tea Party with the ideology to promote three core values:

☑ Fiscal responsibility

☑ Limited government 

☑ Free markets

These three core values are significant cornerstones of the free and liberal United States of America our founding fathers sought to establish. The freedom of citizens of our country to express and enjoy their civil rights without oppression from the power brokers is impossible without these values in place.

Therefore, the Cincinnati Tea Party aims to balance the conversation between the power brokers and the masses. We want to ensure negative forces do not demolish the values of our country that our founding fathers fought to protect. We do this by engaging in realistic political conversations about modern-day America and how it compares to the visions of heroes past. We analyze and discuss current policies involving health care, domestic debt, task reduction, government spending, and immigration, and how these policies directly affect the masses.

We also regularly seek the opinions of political experts/analysts about these policies to give citizens of our country a clearer perspective of the happenings within the nation. The aim of all these is to provoke thought and action among the American people. We want to sustain the philosophy of freedom and liberty upon which this country was founded. As such, civil responsibility is a core part of our mission.

We also look back on the history of our nation, drawing parallels between specific points in our national past and modern-day America. We look at how our history has shaped our modern political and civic sphere, the lessons we can learn, and how we can move forward. We do all these intending to effect a change in modern-day America, where it is needed and sustains the founding philosophies of our nation.


Our vision as a group is to see an America where the philosophy of Liberal democracy that our founding fathers envisioned is upheld and sustained. We envision a country where policies involving health care, wages, taxes, immigration, etcetera, do not impede on the civil rights of the American masses.

We want an America with a fiscally responsible government, one that allows the forces of demand and supply to determine the market freely. We desire to see a government that stays within the limits of the constitution of the United States. This country protects the rights of the masses. Our vision also includes a country where every citizen of the United States carries out their civic responsibilities to create the America our founding fathers fought for.

We’re determined to put an end to the rhetorics that have threatened to destroy the American dream and to create a nation where Liberal democracy reigns free. We also want to change generalized narratives about tea party movements in the United States. All our activities as a group are carried out with the sole aim of achieving these laid out visions.