News you need to know| August 20, 2015

News that you need to know this week from Cincinnati and Ohio.

Red light camera bribery case: What we know from Cincinnati Enquirer
There is a red light camera federal bribery investigation happening in Ohio that may involve some politicians from Cincinnati. Always remember, if government has this great idea that needs to get done now, red flags should go up….

Local governments back business loans from the Hamilton Journal News
Local Butler County governments are giving loans to businesses to attract them to their community. Isn’t it the bank’s job to determine if a business is a good enough investment to get a loan? Why are governments in Butler County going into the banking business? That is not the local government’s job.

Ohio lawmaker: Now is the time for Right to Work from the Cincinnati Enquirer
Local State Rep Tom Brinkman Jr. plans to introduce a bill to the Ohio House proposing Ohio become a right to work state. Governor Kasich says right to work is not on his agenda. Giving people the freedom to choose if they want to be in a union should be on everyone’s agenda. Go Tom!!!

What happens if both marijuana legalization and anti-monopoly amendments pass? From
There will be two Ohio Constitutional Amendments on the ballet in November. One from Responsible Ohio legalizes marijuana in Ohio with limitations for personal use, but it also gives a growing monopoly to 10 farms. The second amendment blocks monopolies from being written in our constitution. In essence, these two bills block each other out. The Ohio Constitution says if two bills on the ballot at the same time affect each other than the issue with the most votes becomes law. This will be interesting.

A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Obamacare. Here’s why.
A opinion piece about the Presidential primary from our friend Jason Hart on Ohio Governor John Kasich’s support for Obamacare through Medicaid Expansion.

Ohio Rising’s Hangout on Central Committee
Central Committee is the way we are going to change Ohio and the nation. Normal folks have to get more involved in politics. If you have ever wondered what Central Committee is all about Ohio Rising and the Ohio Precinct Project explain the basis of the most powerful office in the land.

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