Rally for America: Citizens Rising Against Amnesty

Our purpose is to let the House leadership, and by extension all House members, know that we do not want the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill (S744) to go to conference committee with the House. Any immigration bill that comes out of the House can cause it to go to conference with Senate Bill S744 which will surely result in amnesty.

While we do not yet have a full list of speakers they will be as dynamic and broad as what we experienced in DC. We will also have speakers who have experienced the loss of jobs due to illegal immigration. They have very compelling stories to tell. We will be doing everything we can to accommodate a very large crowd.

Unfortunately, while our voices and message are important, our numbers will speak the loudest.  We need all of you to be present and it is in your backyard, not DC.

Confirmed Speakers Include:  Doc Thompson from The Blaze with many more to come!!!

Bring your lawn chairs. Bring your neighbors.

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