Rally for Repeal of Common Core

Wednesday June 4th

11:00am – 1:00pm in Statehouse Atrium, Columbus, Ohio

‘Call to Action’ Speakers include:

Jenni White-Grassroots leader of Oklahoma’s passage of FULL repeal legislation will share how and why our bellwether state must pass HB237

Brad McQueen-AZ Teacher & PARCC Development Team member turned activist and author will speak to the agenda behind the national assessment

Rose Stechschulte-Veteran Ohio teacher calls out Common Core and its 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee’s damaging effects on children

Sarah Lewis-Celina mom will share the real world of “local control”

Representatives Andy Thompson and John Adams – HB237 update

Q&A will follow speakers

Learn more about our speakers at links below:
Oklahoma Legislature Passes Strongest Common Core Repeal Bill in the Country
A Scathing Interview – Teacher and Common Core Insider Exposes Agenda
Celina Superintendent Retaliates After Parents Opt Out

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