Reaction to the Ohio Republican Party Chairman Vote

A letter from Tom Zawistowski, candidate for the Ohio Republican Party Chairmanship.  Tom lost his bid on Friday.  The following is his reaction. Thanks to everyone who supported him.  There is more work to do.  Keep your eyes open for Project Gavel meetings in the future, learning how we can get more involved in the party process.  

Yesterday, we enlightened those members of the State Central Committee and the Republican Party who heard our words. We enlightened the press and members of our own movement as well through this process.

Many of you were not clear on why the effort to run for Chairman was important to our movement and worth the effort. During the campaign I had no time to explain it all to you, so let me do that now. It was worth the effort to run for Chairman just to have that opportunity to explain who we are and why we are so displeased with the Republican Party because it will make a difference. It gave you the opportunity and reason to show the state central committee members, many of whom have had little to no engagement with our members, who we are and what we believe in. Most of all, many in the Republican Party did not understand our concerns and now they have a much clearer understanding. It was worth it to run for Chairman because it gave us a louder voice in the media and with Republican Legislators to help stop implementation of Medicaid Expansion, bring attention to the Navigators Bill and on House Bill 91 both of which you will hear more about by Monday. It helped our movement because it allowed me the opportunity to clearly explain to the Governor and the House Speaker and the Senate Leader exactly what they need to do to gain our future support and exactly what we will do to not support them if they continue their current policies.

Running for Chairman helped us identify who really is on our side and who really is not on our side and I will have more to say on that as well in a future email. It was worth it to run for Chairman to raise the profile of our movement and to show the media and republican supporters that we have the energy and the ideas and the burning desire to defend our values and to show that the Republican Party is not a Party at all, it is simply a perpetual campaign that is void of values and principles. My point is proven by the fact that yesterday, the ORP was supposed to vote to affirm the nation Republican Party platform and the did not vote on it, because it would be “to controversial” to vote on their own National Party Platform. That is how empty the ORP is and why they can not be the force of change that our nation needs to stop the insidious assault on our values and core beliefs by the “regressive” left. We must be that force. Running for Chairman helped us better understand our political environment and how best to move forward toward our goals and we will be meeting soon to discuss those options.

It was worth the effort, despite the disappointing results, I assure you. I wish we had won. It would have been better for all of us, simply because it would have sped up the process and allowed us to bring our forces finally to bear on our true enemies. None the less, we had nothing to lose and much to gain and I am proud of the effort we made and the results we achieved.

Here is the YouTube link to my Speech. I hope you will feel that I represented you well:

This is the YouTube link to video of most of the post vote Press Conference:

Thanks to all of your who were there to support Nan and I on Friday. Thanks to all of you who could not come but worked so hard to help get me elected over the past month. We really appreciated it.

All the best,

Tom Zawistowski
Executive Director
Portage County TEA Party

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