Repeal Common Core Bill, Call your State Rep

Common Core Repeal Bill Set For Introduction!

By Ohioans Against Common Core on Jul 08, 2013 10:43 am

Ohio House – Sponsor Rep. Andy Thompson – Common Core Repeal A BILL  “To enact section 3301.078 of the Revised Code with respect to the Common Core initiative academic standards and the distribution of student data.”  Full Bill Text here “Whip” Common Core Effort Starts Today! The legislative fight to end this federal education takeover …
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The Common Core agenda fundamentally changes education in Ohio. Rep Andy Thompson is set to introduce a full repeal bill and is seeking cosponsors. Please call your House representative and ask for their cosponsorship of the repeal bill or a written defense of this federal education takeover. Hold them accountable.

The calls really do make the difference. The more calls we make, the bigger impact we will have. Most of them hadn’t heard of CC before we burned the phones up in April following the initial forums, three months later we have a repeal bill. Our efforts are making the difference.

The following representatives have committed to co-sponsor Rep. Thompson’s Common Core repeal bill:  local reps John Becker and Ron Maag along with Ron Hood, Matt Lynch, Ron Young, John Adams, David Hall and Lynn Wachtmann. We salute these representatives for taking a stand and looking after the best interests of the children of our state!  Stay up to date by subscribing to alerts at . The grassroots can and must win this fight.

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