Replacing the RINOs that support Kasich’s Expansion of Medicaid

Ohio StatehouseThe founders of our state intended that our state representatives be re-elected every two years so that government would be kept close to the people. We are holding the line against the governor’s proposed budget on; no new sales taxes on services, no increase of the severance tax, and absolutely, positively NO expansion of Medicaid in Ohio.

  • In 2011, the Healthcare Freedom Amendment, which was a rejection of the individual mandate in Obamacare, won in Ohio with 65.63% of the vote.
  • Governor Kasich, was elected in 2010 with only 49.04% of the vote. He is now proposing to voluntarily expand Medicaid in Ohio which is a major part of advancing Obamacare in our state.
  • The House Appropriations and Finance Committee is responsible for moving the governor’s proposed budget to the House floor for a full vote.
  • Republican state reps on the committee who stand strong and say NO on the above mentioned issues in favor of protecting the liberty and future prosperity of Ohio should be both thanked and congratulated.
  • However, Republican state reps on the committee voting to approve a budget proposal that includes the issues mentioned above should be replaced with new representatives.

If needed, the easiest time to replace any of these reps will be the during the 2014 primary. It has been since 2002 that we have had a gubernatorial primary election in Ohio with no coinciding U.S. Senate race. Such elections generally have low voter turnouts. In 2002, the statewide turnout was just 19.35%.

Below is a list of the Republican state reps on the House Finance and Appropriations committee. Though competitive races tend to yield higher turnouts, these are some estimated base numbers needed to replace individual reps in the 2014 primary.

Representative (District) Votes Needed to Win 2012 Primary
Est Votes Needed to Win 2014 Primary
HFA Signatures Collected
Ron Amstutz (1) 6332 4800 7,676
Marlene Anielski (6) 4240 3214 10,830
Mike Dovilla (7) 3839 2910 10,830
Anne Gonzales (19) 5468 4145 39,586
Mike Duffey (21) 4694 3559 39,586
Cheryl Grossman (23) 4233 3209 39,586
Peter Stautberg (27) 9877 7487 19,751
Barbara Sears (47) 5569 4222 13,131
Timothy Derickson (53) 3774 2861 15,410
Peter Beck (54) 4760 3609 13,146
Ron Maag (62) 5742 4353 13,146
Dave Hall (70) 5013 3869 21,017
Bill Hayes (72) 5530 4192 15,508
Gerald Stebelton (77) 5370 4071 11,470
Ross McGregor (79) 4524 3430 8,501
Richard Adams (80) 6858 5199 10,829
Robert Sprague (83) 7846 5948 12,634
Jeff McClain (87) 6599 5003 11,953
Cliff Rosenberger (91) 5474 4150 6317
Ryan Smith (93) 8508 6450 4045
Average Per Rep 5713 4335 16,248

County Healthcare Freedom Amendment (HFA) signature totals reflect the combined totals of counties “overlaid” by each representative district. Some districts are in only one county while others overlap two or more counties. In such case, the combined total from all counties in the district is reflected above.

Conversely, Franklin county by itself has three state reps on the House Finance Committee. Though all 39,586 signatures from Franklin were not collected in a single district, the numbers demonstrate there are plenty of grassroots volunteers within reach to help achieve a victory in a primary race.

Finally, there were some signatures gathered for Healthcare Freedom that came from paid petitioners. Those signature totals have been removed from the above numbers so the numbers reflect only those signatures collected by grassroots volunteers.

The grassroots in Ohio is stronger than it may realize and the upcoming primary is ideally suited for liberty-minded citizens to make a difference. Even if your rep is not on the Finance and Appropriations Committee, contact him or her today and respectfully request – not only a vote of NO – but to actively stand up against newly proposed sales taxes on services, the proposed increase in the severance tax, and to Governor Kasich’s proposed plan to advance Obamacare by voluntarily expanding Medicaid in Ohio.

Locate your state rep at this link:

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

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