Rules for Conservative “Radicals”

RulesBy George Brunemann

In the age of Progressive domination of the media, conservatives are left with only two real alternatives for reaching out to the uninformed public. The first is exactly where you are now, the Internet. The second is through group activities in public. Both of these approaches are also used by the Progressives, but there is an unspoken code of ethics that we must follow:

  • No Liberty Group or conservative individuals should ever demonstrate in front or near the private residence of anyone.
    • We must remain respectful, civilized and always deal with the public aspects of those we are attempting to influence.
    • An individual’s private life and certainly that of their family belong to them and must not be invaded by anyone.
  • In the same way, we must rely on data, truth and the facts.  We need to maintain the highest level of integrity and insure that we are acting on correct data.

Up until recently there was never a need to vocalize these rules because they are simply an extension of the principles we are seeking to promote in the first place. However a group on the west side of Cincinnati is preparing to cross that line today and we cannot allow that to happen without attempting to prevent this violation of conservative ethics.

In response to a Federally mandated expansion of Public Housing into Green Township, there has been a mass mailing calling on local citizens to “Join us for the protest”. The email calling for a “protest” violates both of the rules stated above.

“Tuesday, March 5 at 4:30 p.m. we will be protesting at the corner of **** and **** near the home of ***trustee 1***. On Wednesday, March 6 we will be protesting at the corner of **** and **** near the home of ***trustee 2***.”

Just as importantly, the reason given for the protest is simply not true.

“CMHA is planning on more low income housing in our area. The proposed property is in Green Township… this property is on the border of Westwood and Cheviot. Westwood and this surrounding area are all already inundated with too much low income housing. We don’t need anymore…

Several Westwood residents have already joined with residents of Green Township and Cheviot to fight this proposal.”

The unfortunate truth of anything dealing with Public Housing is that Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has absolute power to say where, how many and how much money is spent. The trustees being targeted actually sued the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and HUD to stop these addition units from being created. The Green Township Trustees spent considerable time and township money trying to prevent this from happening. The case was decided by a Federal Judge who handed all authority to HUD.

Local officials can have only limited effect on anything that has to do with the HUD process.  Targeting the Green Township Trustees is like blaming the Bengals cheerleaders for their loss in the playoffs.

We can explore the details of this problem in another article but protests near the private homes of anyone have no place in the liberty movement. We encourage everyone to maintain the highest level of decency and avoid these events.

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