September 11th. We remember.

Today is September 11th, a day that will forever live in the minds of Americans as one of the most tragic and courageous of our history. My seventh grade daughter has been studying the day in social studies class, she wasn’t born until after September 11. To her it is history, for us, it was life.

She asked my husband and I to tell her about our memories of that day. I had a tough time doing it, even 14 year later. But I knew it was important to tell her about it my memories. To tell her about the anger, the fear, the sadness and the pride that still linger.

It was an attack on who we are as a nation, on the things that make us great; our love of freedom and the free market. It was an attack on our principles and our courage to stand for what we believe in.

Even with all of the tragedy and loss from that day, it was important to share stories about the good that when on; the blood drives, sending socks to the workers at Ground Zero and the church services. My husband I started to go to mass weekly after the 9/11, that day changed us in many ways.

It’s important to share our stories. Important to remember why this attack happened and keep fighting for the principles that shine a light on the darkness.

We honor the memory of those who passed.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker

News this Week

Tougher term limits proposal clears first hurdle toward reaching voters –
Einstein said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ It might be time to stop electing the same people in Ohio, over and over again and expecting them to fix our problems.  There is a possible new amendment to the Ohio Constitution. “The amendment proposed by Eight is Enough Ohio would limit legislators to eight years of service in one chamber and 12 years overall in the General Assembly. It also would count partial terms, such as those served when a vacant seat is filled by appointment — a move that could further restrict how many times a legislator can seek election.” This would stop career politicians in Ohio.

Kasich: Ohio will keep state-level sanctions against Iran from
Governor Kasich plans on removing all Iran related investments from the Ohio pension funds. Not sure if that will do anything…but there you go…

New website aims to spur voting in Ohio judicial races from Maggie Thurber at OhioWatchdog
A new site to give you information about judges with the hope of more down ticket judicial voting.

Boehner’s future as Speaker in doubt – Politico
It has been said that Speaker Boehner doesn’t have the vote to fight off a vote of removal. Some of his closest allies are getting concerned.

Ohio Senate President: Keep body cameras running from
Ohio Senate President Keith Faber wants police officers to wear body cameras that never shut off. Good idea to keep police officers and citizens safe, not sure how they would go to the bathroom, but a good idea.

The Common Core Report Card: John Kasich gets an F from
Of all the GOP Presidential candidates, Governor Kasich scores the worst on Common Core. We are not surprised.

John Kasich on minimum wage raise: It’s about balance from the Columbus Dispatch
Governor Kasich gave a wishy-washy answer on the campaign trail this week on a minimum wage increase. Common sense and that pesky thing called economics tells us that if you pay an employee more and they generate no additional work, that money will come from the profit of the company. As a company keeps loosing profit it will be forced to close or lay off employees. Minimum wage doesn’t help workers, it actually hurts them.

Food stamp fraud ring busted in Ohio –
This made me angry. “U.S. Beef in Fairfield was searched, as well as the home of the company’s owners Scott Traum and Joey Lightcap Traum, according to WCPO. Butcher Shop Food Distributors was also searched; its owner is Joseph Gray.

The fraud ring cheated taxpayers out of an excess of $2 million from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) for low-income residents, 40 percent of the total $5.3 million that SNAP lost in Ohio in 2014. SNAP has lost $173 million across the nation.”

Amelia seeking charter government from
“Without a charter government, Amelia’s recent increase in population means the village will exceed 5,000 in population when the next census count is released in 2020, which would make Amelia a statutory city. If the village does not become a charter government by then, the duties of the mayor and council could change, and the state could require Amelia to hire several full-time employees that the mayor says that local government can’t afford.”

CPS board president stepping down from
“Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education President Alex Kuhns is stepping down. Kuhns starts Monday as program director for UpSpring, a nonprofit dedicated to educational programming for homeless children in Greater Cincinnati. He will finish out his term with CPS, but he already pulled his name from the board of elections site for the November election.”

Streetcar maker promises delivery by Halloween
I still cannot believe the city is doing this…..   “”Based on CAF’s continued efforts, and barring any major issues arising from the remaining testing and production activities, the City remains cautiously optimistic that CAF will be able to ship vehicles to Cincinnati by the end of October and that the projected revenue service date of September 2016 will be achieved,” City Manager Harry Black wrote in a memo to Cincinnati City Council and Mayor John Cranley.