Should Congress remove Speaker Boehner?

We live in amazing times. We are dealing with issues overseas with the Iran deal.  We are dealing with issues of leadership with Speaker Boehner and the Presidential race.  We are dealing with politicians at home, watching our Cincinnati City Council and Hamilton County Commissioners. It is exhausting to watch everyone. We have the a list of the biggest news stories of the week below.

An issue that will continue to grow over the next few weeks is the status of Rep Mark Meadows bill to remove Speaker Boehner. It is tough for a political party to remove a member of leadership. The struggle is heard in Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s interview with friend of Liberty Brian Thomas on 55krc, about 2/3rds through the interview

In the interview, Rep Wenstrup says he is open to a conversation about the removal of the Speaker, but isn’t sure about the outcome because no one has stepped up to take his place. Emotionally, it makes me angry. Speaker Boehner’s actions; removing fellow conservatives for not voting his way, not being strong on debt issues, not bringing important bills to the floor for a vote, have been endlessly frustrating. Give your Representative a call and let them know what you think about Rep Meadow’s bill to remove the Speaker.

Rep. Steve Chabot: (513) 684-2723
Rep. Brad Wenstrup: (513) 474-7777

Our local Congressmen should stand up and say the Speaker is not doing a good enough job. They should support the Mark Meadows bill to remove Speaker Boehner.

But Brad has a point…. we need strong leadership ready to step up and fill the leadership void. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Speaker Boehner is doing a good job… he called Ted Cruz a ‘Jackass‘, nothing has been done about Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, the IRS scandal, the NSA, the Department of Education, we are $19 trillion in debt facing another debt ceiling…the list is endless.  I think Congressman Wenstrup and Chabot need to stand up and express the opinion of his constituents, but the elected members of Congress are not ready to stand on principle, they still stand on party. They are still focused on what will get them more power in the next election, not what is right and good for the health of the Constitution.

Why? Why are they not focused on the Constitution? Why are only a handful of Congressmen like Thomas Massie, Justin Amash and Mark Meadows ready to stand up?

A big reason, there are not enough people in the power structure of the party to back them up when hard choices need to be made about Constitutional principles. The people in power are still focused on using government for their own advantage.

We scream at the TV and make phone calls begging them to do the right thing, Ted Stevenot calls it ‘organized begging’. It works…sometimes.  We need to elect people that don’t need the phone calls, that don’t need to be watched with every vote.

Where do these politicians come from?

They come from the local level. They start as Central Committee men and women. They move to the State House or another office. They become Congressmen.  The good people we need have probably not won their first election yet. We need people like you to start that journey.

It has been 25 years since the conservative wing of the Republican party gave the Presidential nomination Goldwater and Reagan. After that happened, the establishment of the party closed ranks, they were not going to allow a small government leader into power again. They didn’t just close ranks.  They locked the door and threw away the key. The conservatives were left out in the dust.

For those 25 years, the party has gone farther and farther away from Constitutional principles because there was no one to hold their feet to the fire. The Constitution was neglected.

It is on us to build a team of people that will stand up and expect the Constitution to be the center piece of our government. It will take years – years, because of the level of neglect that we are facing. It must be done.

Next time you yell at the TV, ask yourself, am I on the road to make a difference? Am I working to build the team that will save the Constitution? Learn more about how you can get started at the Ohio Precinct Project.

We need you.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker

News of the Week

Congressman Brad Wenstrup on removing Speaker Boehner
Congressman Wenstrup stands by his vote for Congressman Boehner for Speaker of the House, taking a stand against Congressman Mark Meadows and Congressman Thomas Massie’s fight to remove the Speaker. Contact your Representative to let them know your opinion on this issue.
Rep. Steve Chabot: (513) 684-2723
Rep. Brad Wenstrup: (513) 474-7777

Bus Trip to protest Iran Deal
Republican presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are teaming up to oppose the Iran deal. The bus would leave from Sam’s Club parking lot in Ontario (suburb of Mansfield) on Tuesday September 8, and return early Thursday morning, September 10.  This allows everyone to sleep while traveling and avoid Washington’s expensive hotel fees.

Cranley: Council should do business in public – Local 12
“City council voted to put a charter amendment on the November ballot that would let voters decide if council could hold private meetings to address certain issues. Cranley said there was no need for it saying the government should be open and transparent.”

Ohio Rep makes another attempt to repeal prevailing wage law – from Ohio
Rep Ron Hood is trying to repeal Ohio’s prevailing wage law…again. It needs to be gone. “In Ohio, the prevailing wage is the union-negotiated wage. If there’s no collective bargaining agreement in a certain jurisdiction, the jurisdiction must use the rates set by the closest CBA, geographically.  The prevailing wage also includes certain benefits — such as vacations, health insurance and pensions —and requires certain work rules — ratio of apprentice to journeyman, for example.”

Rick Perry criticizes John Kasich’s decision to expand  Medicaid
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry criticized Ohio Governor John Kasich over his decision to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Governor Kasich says he was bringing Ohio money back to Ohio.  “That money doesn’t come from an endless vault of money in Washington. It is borrowed from bankers in China and children in Cleveland and Columbus,” Perry told a crowd of 3,600 would-be Republican voters attending the Defending the American Dream Summit.”

Across Ohio, public employees are forced to pay labor unions
Jason Hart looks at the controversial issue of public sector employees who choose not to be a member of their labor union having to pay ‘fair share’.

UC arena plans a blow to US Bank Renovation – From
US Bank Arena is in need of renovation. There is talk about getting help from the county to get this renovation done. We will watch closely to make sure there are no public funds in the deal. We don’t want another stadium situation.

Cincinnati Parks levy to be on the November ballot – From wlwt
This tax increase would be $35 for every $100,000 of value.

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