The Columbus Dispatch’s Lopsided Reporting on Medicaid Expansion

Ohio Media Trackers is reporting on a recent analysis of the coverage of Medicaid expansion by one of Ohio’s largest newspapers. The report covering the period from February 4 through June 18, demonstrates that The Columbus Dispatch was decidedly lopsided in reporting stories that were favorable to Medicaid expansion. From the analysis: The Columbus Dispatch’s editors endorsed Medicaid expansion in January 2013 and published eight staff editorials in favor of expansion. “In 60 news stories, Dispatch reporters quoted a total of 114 Medicaid expansion supporters and only 40 critics.” “Governor Kasich’s false claims about Medicaid expansion were repeated in 8 news stories.” “In 6 different news stories, The Dispatch suggested foes of Medicaid expansion are motivated by heartless ideology.” “14 op-eds supported PPACA Medicaid expansion versus just 1 column from an opponent.” Outside letters to the editor, “…no commentator featured in The Dispatch after February 22 advised against expanding Medicaid.” Read the full story from Ohio Media Trackers at this link.