Obamacare Updates: Enrollment, Perverse Incentives, and Governor Kasich

thObamacare’s second annual open enrollment period has been underway for approximately two weeks, but even before it began, the Obama administration downplayed expectations by lowering its projected 2015 enrollment figure by 30%. The Congressional Budget Office orginally predicted there would be 13 million Obamacare customers in 2015, but that figure has now been lowered to between 9 and 9.9 million when taking into consideration returning customers and new enrollees. Fox News indicates that the administration […]

Common Core Protestors In Lorain County Get Their Message Across

images-14Common Core opponents are making some noise and getting noticed – so much so that Governor Kasich felt compelled to address his position on Common Core at a campaign stop in Lorain County. The Toledo Blade reports that Governor Kasich noticed “a handful of sign-carrying protestors outside the windows” and responded as follows, “The high standards that have been set were set by experts across the country, not in Washington.” “These are people who understand […]

Ohio House Passes Tax Increase, But Not Large Enough for Governor Kasich

Taxed-Enough-Already-300x300With a 55-35 vote, the Ohio House passed HB 375 last week,  a bill which raises taxes on shale drillers.  Only six Republican lawmakers voted against it: John Adams John Becker Jim Butler Ron Hood Matt Lynch Andy Thompson Democrats and Governor Kasich were critical of the measure, both sides believing the bill does not increase taxes enough.  Democrats are concerned with covering environmental and infrastructure costs while Governor Kasich is looking for extra revenue […]

Dems Want Medicaid Expansion Put into State Law; Kasich Remains Tightlipped

UnknownThe Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Ohio Democrat lawmakers want Governor Kasich to put Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion into state law.  The Enquirer explains, “Kasich is also likely to agree with Democrats’ call to put Medicaid expansion into Ohio law. Right now, the state must rely on regular renewals from the state’s seven-member Controlling Board, which approved the expansion this summer after the Legislature refused to do so.” Kasich skirted the state legislature last October and expanded Medicaid […]

Governor Dissembler Strikes Again

imagesGovernor Kasich is at it again – trying to divorce Medicaid expansion from Obamacare. But Media Trackers isn’t going to let him get away with it.  In their recent article, “Why Does John Kasich Keep Lying about Obamacare,” Media Trackers highlights a January 23rd interview Governor Kasich did with radio host Bill Cunningham. Cunningham asked Kasich why he “decided to sign onto Medicaid with Obamacare.”  Kasich replied, “Well, first of all, this has nothing to […]