Governor Dissembler Strikes Again

imagesGovernor Kasich is at it again – trying to divorce Medicaid expansion from Obamacare. But Media Trackers isn’t going to let him get away with it.  In their recent article, “Why Does John Kasich Keep Lying about Obamacare,” Media Trackers highlights a January 23rd interview Governor Kasich did with radio host Bill Cunningham. Cunningham asked Kasich why he “decided to sign onto Medicaid with Obamacare.”  Kasich replied, “Well, first of all, this has nothing to […]

Obamacare created a Medicaid time bomb with Kasich as willing enabler

Time bombIn his piece, “Obamacare created a Medicaid time bomb,” Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute exposes the grim reality underlying Obamacare’s enrollment numbers.  Of the 1.6 million Americans who have enrolled so far, 1.46 million of them actually signed up for Medicaid as a result of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion or due to individuals who were already eligible, but not enrolled.  Obamacare was suppose to mean affordable health care through a private insurer, not sub par free […]

Kasich Talks in Circles While Conservatives Block Obamacare and Cut Spending

CirclesGovernor Kasich is all over the board these days with his policy positions and some may feel, a bit hypocritical.  It is fair to say that no one really knows if Kasich is for Obamacare or against it.  And now the governor is pushing for a balanced budget amendment while simultaneously calling for the expansion of a major entitlement. Even Kasich admits he is hard to nail down.  In a recent Columbus Dispatch article which […]

Magnitude of Kasich’s Obamacare About-face Revealed in Court Brief

Obama KasichAs the members of the General Assembly return from summer recess we will hear talk, threats and promises of “needed Medicaid reform” from Governor Kasich, Democrats, news outlets and Republican legislators, parroting the demands of the hospital/welfare activist lobby.  There will be no mention, though, of implementing the Affordable Care Act.  The Governor’s camp-followers will insist their rewriting of Medicaid eligibility has nothing to do with the Obamacare train wreck facing Ohioans in 2014 and […]

Does Kasich Really Care About Quality Health Care For Poor People?

Queen_GertrudeAfter listening to Governor Kasich’s repeated protestations that his policy to expand Medicaid results from his deep desire to help the “least among us”, one may be reminded of Queen Gertrude’s famous quote in Hamlet, “The lady doth protests too much, methinks.”  Back in Shakespeare’s day, “protest” meant to “vow” or to “declare solemnly”. We are in no way calling Governor Kasich a lady, (although most ladies believe that to be a compliment), but we […]