Caught Red-handed Targeting Americans, IRS Is About To Have Even More Power

IRS UnbalancedFor tea party and 912 groups in Ohio, the story of the IRS illegally targeting patriot organizations is finally seeing the light of day.  Now we are learning that the harassment was much more widespread with the IRS going after Jewish groups, pro-life groups, True the Vote and the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law as well.  […]

IRS Targeting of 1851 Center in May of 2010 Demonstrates Broader Corruption

1851 Center for Constitutional Law  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 16, 2013 MEDIA CONTACT Maurice A . Thompson IRS harassment was not limited to “tea party” organizations, and began earlier than many believe Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today emphasized that Internal Revenue Service harassment of groups advocating for limited government extends as far back as […]

Senate Democrats Block Sen. Paul’s Resolution Condemning IRS

Kentucky Senator Rand PaulWe wrote Tuesday about Senator Rand Paul’s resolution condemning the IRS for attacking tea party groups. In a not so shocking partisan move, Senate Democrats have blocked Sen. Paul’s resolution. Apparently Senate Democrats do not feel that the IRS’ actions are concerning enough for the resolution. Paul is quoted as saying “This resolution is not […]