Congress Benefits Financially from Obama’s Abuse of Power

Obama Magic!Congress can rest easy.  Obama has stepped in to save the day.  Through some sort of executive power still unnamed in the Constitution, Obama has resolved the issue perplexing members of Congress and their staffers since Obamacare was passed — how do they pay for their health care on the Obamacare exchange??? Back when the law was working its way through the Senate, Senator Grassley inserted a provision that members of Congress and their staff […]

Irony Alert: Kasich Asks Ohioans to Take a Stand Against Obamacare

Obama KasichIf you are a Republican, you may have received an email from the Kasich/Taylor team bad mouthing Obamacare and distributing a petition for Ohioans to sign to stand up against the health care law.  It was an odd thing to receive from an administration hell bent on implementing Obamacare in Ohio through Medicaid expansion. The email also notified citizens that insurance premiums on the individual market are expected to rise 41% in Ohio due to […]

Iott Considering Run Against Sears in 47th State House District

Barbara Sears and Richard Iott (Image credit: NWOCC)Rich Iott, former congressional candidate from Monclova Township is considering a run for State Rep for the 47th district currently served by Barbara Sears.  Sears was the only Statehouse Republican to support Governor Kasich’s inclusion of Medicaid expansion in the biennial budget. Constituents in her district who oppose Obamacare are not happy with her stance on Medicaid expansion, a key component of the health care law. The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition has conducted a poll […]

Given Choice To Switch To Obamacare, IRS Chief Chooses His Current Plan

WerfelThe Acting Director of the IRS, Daniel Werfel, walked a tightrope as he responded to questions from lawmakers at a House Ways & Means Committee hearing on the status of the Affordable Care Act.  It became a bit uncomfortable for him as he tried to promote the benefits of the law while protecting himself and his fellow IRS workers from becoming subject to it. Fox News reported Senator Sam Johnson (R-Texas) asked Werfel about the […]

News Flash: Another Perverse Incentive Found in Obamacare

cliffCNBC reports on the latest hitch with Obamacare, the subsidy cliff.  If an individual or family works too much, they could end up costing themselves thousands in government handouts available through the health care law. Under the PPACA, insurance subsidies are available to people or families whose incomes total 400% of the poverty level.  For a single person, the maximum a person can earn to receive a subsidy is $45,960 and for a family of […]