NWOCC Wants A Replacement For Sears, Someone Who Opposes Obamacare

Ohio Representative Barbara Sears (District 47, Monclova Twp)The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition has decided they will not sit idly by as their State Representative Barbara Sears ignores the efforts of Lucas and Fulton county patriots to preserve health care freedom in Ohio.  Sears is set on implementing Obamacare through Medicaid expansion despite the vote of 79,000 patriots in her district against it.  As a result, Lucas and Fulton county freedom lovers will look for another representative who actually represents their values and […]

“Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA” reveals just how far the Feds will take centralized control

obamanetJohn Fund’s piece in the National Review, Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA reveals just how far the Feds will take this centralized control gig given enough leeway by our legislative branch. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is about to unleash a torrent of patient navigators across America to encourage gullible citizens to enroll in the Obamacare exchanges and access the easy federal dollars that come with it.  It is the same old, tired socialist trap, encourage unwitting […]

Has your Congressman signed on to defund Obamacare?

Capitol Hill Building . Washington DC.Brewing in DC is a new battle posing a threat to shut down the government this fall – at the center of the storm is funding for Obamacare. In recent years, Congress has regularly had to pass continuing resolutions to keep the government funded, this year is no exception. In a story today from TheHill.com, Senate Republicans are said to be “coalescing around” a proposal to block any funding resolutions for the government that include […]

Does Kasich Really Care About Quality Health Care For Poor People?

Queen_GertrudeAfter listening to Governor Kasich’s repeated protestations that his policy to expand Medicaid results from his deep desire to help the “least among us”, one may be reminded of Queen Gertrude’s famous quote in Hamlet, “The lady doth protests too much, methinks.”  Back in Shakespeare’s day, “protest” meant to “vow” or to “declare solemnly”. We are in no way calling Governor Kasich a lady, (although most ladies believe that to be a compliment), but we […]

Unions Do Not Want Obamacare To Affect Them

BuilderObama’s base is sticking to its guns when it comes to speaking out against Obamacare.  Back in May, several high profile unions issued strongly worded public statements concerning the threat Obamacare is to health care as they know it.  The Teamsters, Unite-Here and the UFCW are at it again issuing another public letter, this time to Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi. It turns out that despite their ardent support of Obamacare as it […]