Common Core “Stop Jeb Now” Rally – Pictures

CarsIn Cincinnati on Monday, the RNC held a $32,400 per “co-chair” fundraiser with featured speaker, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. Rally attendees were on hand from Ohioans Against Common Core to point out to Mr. Bush – a major pro Common Core cheerleader – that both the Hamilton County GOP and the RNC have passed […]

Tea party favorability tops Republican party

The 3rd Annual "We the People Convention" will be held in Columbus on Saturday, Sept 28We the People Convention 4682 State Route 43 Kent, OH 44240 Contact: Tom Zawistowski, President FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, December 14, 2013 AKRON, OH – On December 11, 2013 the Gallop organization [released] a poll indicating that TEA Party “Favorability” is currently at 30% with 58% of Republicans saying that they have a favorable opinion of the movement. By contrast, an October 9, 2013 Gallop poll showed that Republican Party “Favorability” was at 28%. Tom […]

Obamacare’s Really Ugly Numbers

obamacare-wreckby Jim Woods, Medina County Friends and Neighbors Obamacare is beginning to generate some really ugly numbers. According to Bloomberg, only 49,100 people have enrolled thus far; about 3% of what the Obama administration expected at this point. Even worse is that the number of new Medicaid enrollees is estimated by CBS News to be 440,000; ten times as many Medicaid enrollees as Obamacare enrollees. The Obama administration expected the opposite. Obamacare needs to have […]