WSJ’s “Obamacaid” Makes You Wonder: What is Kasich thinking???

imagesIf Governor Kasich should happen to read the WSJ’s latest piece on Medicaid expansion, “Obamacaid,” you’ve got to wonder if he might start feeling a little silly for his efforts to push this sham on Ohio. And for those OLC members who have fought Kasich on this issue, you will enjoy seeing the WSJ recap many of our arguments: The US Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion was unconstitutional. Even liberal justices Breyer […]

WSJ Highlights Obama’s Lawless Approach to Governance

LawIn their editorial, “Employer Mandate? Never Mind”, the WSJ highlights one of the main bugaboos Americans have with the Obama administration, their selective enforcement of of the Constitution as another of its problematic transgressions?  The delay of the employer mandate is the latest in a long list of ways the President and his ilk skirt rules, regulations, oaths of office and separation of powers. As the WSJ makes clear, “This selective enforcement of laws has […]