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People are policy, if you want to change the policy - you must change the people.


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Precincts are the smallest, but most important part of the Republic.  A precinct is your neighborhood and the people who live around you who vote in the same place.  Each voting location has a representative to the county political party call Precinct Executive or Central Committeemen.   Each precinct consists of 1000 voters.  The precinct lines are draw by your county Board of Elections. 

These elected officials, Central Committeemen, are elected in the primary.  This is the smallest office but most powerful.

What is a precinct?

Ohio Counties

A video from our brothers in Arizona.  Our Central Committees are split up into County Central Committees.

Each County has different rules.  Some counties have elections for Central Committee every two years, some four.  Some counties need to have signatures to be on the ballot, some just need a signed petition.  Below are links to a page for each county.  Get to know your county rules.  Think about the next election for Central Committee.  Connect with those who are already on Central Committee to see if your seat is filled by a liberty-minded person.

This is our time to take back our country.

For more help visit www.ohioprecinctproject.com 

Southwest Ohio Counties

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