Tax Increase Possibilities in Hamilton County

Constant vigilance. We must always be watching our government. There are a few things on the horizon that I want to make sure you have the facts ready to pounce if necessary.

There are two sales tax hikes that may make their way to a vote in the winter or the spring. The $400 million hikes would help fund a new FC Cincinnati stadium and rebuild US Bank Arena. Both face uphill odds of happening, but you never know. Be educated and share what you know with your circle.

US Bank Arena Plan –

FC Cincinnati Plan –

These tax hikes to accomplish these grand plans would be decided on by the Hamilton County Commissioners. Learn about these plans and let the commissioners know how you feel about them.

Commissioner Todd Portune –
Commissioner Denise Driehaus –
Commissioner Chris Montzel –

Always be watching for this kind of ‘plans’. They always cost the tax payers big bucks in the end.

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