The Media is Part of the Problem!

The Mainstream Media’s Worst Nightmare – Media Trackers Ohio

Date:  Thursday, August 29th 7pm

Location:  West Chester Office, 5430 West Chester Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069

The media is part of the problem.  They don’t report the information to the citizens that will hold our elected officials accountable.  We can be part of the solution!!!

Join us August 29th, as Jason Hart, head writer for Media Tracks Ohio teach will teach us how to hold your local government accountable.

Media Trackers Ohio wants to equip you to be a politician’s worst nightmare with some pointers for retrieving public records, looking up campaign finance data, and publicizing anything interesting you may find.

This training will focus on a walk through of the best places to dig for facts about local officials, bureaucrats, and liberal activists, along with an overview of how to share your findings on the web.

Check out Jason’s amazing reporting at .