The Rules procedure… Learn it and use it.

A pile of books, top one is openYou may have heard about the nine Rule Vote dissenters that started the Cantor threat of Civil War for any Republican that participated in keeping the Violence Against Women Act from coming to a House floor vote. No surprise that the Defund Obamacare letter authors, Huelskamp and Bridenstine, were among the nine Wednesday night. They also were part of the Men with Fortitude team that tried to purge Boehner during the House Floor Speaker vote.  
Everyone should get up to speed on the procedure of the Rule Vote and speak to it directly when they are making these calls. The article below is a good start.
A great article regarding this can be found here:
The calls to the representatives should include these two direct YES or NO questions. A NO to either or a failure to follow through on a YES will warrant a primary challenge. Our skids will be nicely greased from the state rep challenge plan related to Medicaid expansion in Kasich’s budget.
    1) Will you sign the Defund Obamacare letter to Boehner & Cantor prepared by Reps Huelskamp and Bridenstine?
    2) Will you vote NO on the Rule Vote to prevent any CR from going to the House floor where it’s guaranteed to pass thereby funding Obamacare?

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