Three Big Updates!!

Another busy week is ahead in the battle for liberty in Ohio. This week, your state Senators and your State Central Committee Representatives need to hear from you.

Medicaid Update:

The Ohio Senate will begin its deliberations on the budget this week. After a lot of hard work by the grassroots and others, the House passed a version of the budget that did NOT include the Medicaid/Obamacare expansion. We must now tell our Senators to do the same.

Contact your State Senator HERE

Common Core Update:

Another issue on the table in the Ohio Senate is Common Core. Some say, “Common Core is to education what Obamacare is to healthcare.”

Visit or to learn more about this important issue and what to discuss with your Senator. 

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Vote:

This week, Republican State Central Committee members will elect a new party chair. Many citizens are very unhappy with the actions and direction of the Ohio GOP. In response to these concerns, former Ohio Liberty Coalition President, Tom Zawistowski (Tom Z) has entered the race for GOP chair. To win, Tom needs the support of your State Central Committee reps.

Visit  to learn more.  

You are encouraged to attend the election at a public meeting, this Friday, April 26, 2013, 10:00a.m., at the Southern Hotel, 310 South High Street, Columbus, OH  43215 (Map)

Your Republican State Central Committee representatives will be

choosing the next GOP Chair.  Below is a link you can use to find your Republican State Central Committee representatives once you know your Ohio Senate district.  Use your Ohio Senate district to determine your state central committee representatives.

Contact your Republican State Central Committee Reps HERE

As we have seen, it makes a difference when your representatives hear from you. This is especially true given our credible ability to impact future primary elections. This week, respectfully ask representatives to say “NO” to the federal takeover of healthcare and education in our state. Ask them instead to stand up for character, opportunity, and freedom in Ohio.

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