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Voice Your Opinion of the Cincinnati Parking Deal to the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority – Two Opportunities

When: Monday, July 29, 1pm

Where: Knox Presbyterian Church, 3400 Michigan Ave.6:15 p.m.

When: Thursday, Aug. 1, 6:15pm

Where: Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, 299 E. Sixth St.

From Cincinnati Enquirer – HYDE PARK — While the city’s current parking deal is being reviewed, Hyde Park hopes to minimize the potential impact on the community.

The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority is currently reviewing a lease it signed with the city June 21.  As part of the lease, the authority, with private partners, will run the city’s parking meters for 30 years and garages for 50 years.

Prior to the signing of the lease, a number of community councils, including Hyde Park, expressed concerns about the potential impact of the lease.

“The major concern is supporting the business district and working with (the authority) to make sure residential parking is supported,” said Rob Pasquinucci, board president of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Council.  Pasquinucci said a focus now is mitigating the potential impact on residents and businesses.

Board member Janet Buening said one of the biggest issues is metered parking could be extended to 9 p.m. when it had previously been 6 p.m.  “People who visit restaurants (in the square) will now have to pay the meters until 9 p.m.,” she said. “This will make our local establishments less competitive since there are so many places that offer free parking.”

Buening said another concern is how the new policy might impact residential home owners who have parking meters on their street.

Buening questioned whether these residents would face challenges parking in front of their homes during the evening.

Gail Paul, director of communication strategy for the port authority, said an effort is being made to address the questions being asked.

“It is vitally important that we understand the neighborhood’s concerns as well as their goals,” she said. “We’re focused on understanding what the communities need to be vital.

“We’re here to promote growth.”


Clermont County Tea Party Meeting – Destroy the RINOs

Tuesday, August 6th, 7pm

Holiday Inn Eastgate

With all the insanity going on today politically, perhaps the most astounding is that we must channel the majority of our efforts to getting people who are allegedly on our side to do the right thing.

  •  More people must become aware that “politics” and “issues” are distinctly different things.
  • Only with the political power to elect and un-elect politicians can we gain a voice that will be heard on the issues that matter to us.
  • If you are you sick of unprincipled politicians and lousy choices on the ballot,  click here to hear a recent podcast we recorded on how to get rid of the RINOs.
  • The next Clermont County Tea Party meeting is Tuesday, August 6th, 7p.m. at the Holiday Inn Eastgate.

Agenda topics include:

The status of Governor Kasich’s push for Medicaid/Obamacare expansion in Ohio.

  • The status of Common Core in Ohio.
  • David Uible from the Clermont County Board of Commissioners on the Community Alternative Sentencing program in Clermont County.
  • Ted Stevenot on the coming impact of Obamacare in Ohio along with updates on the IRS abuse scandal, immigration, the NSA funding vote, workplace freedom, and destroying the RINO’s.
  • In the end, our liberty cannot be safe without an informed and engaged electorate. To set things right, we need more like-minded citizens to get involved. Please help out by spreading the word to others via email and Facebook.

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