Warren County, this is your time

Warren CountyAre you sick of holding your nose when you vote? Do you ever ask, who decides on these candidates? Are you unhappy with your political party?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you need to learn about Central Committee.

Central Committee is a way you can get involved with a small time commitment and have a huge political impact.

Central Committee is the group of elected representatives in each county that lead a political party. They create the slate card that you get when you go into vote or in the mail.  That slate card holds the key to who gets elected. Get on the card and you have an 85% of winning your primary election. Learn more at www.ohioprecinctproject.com.

The more people elected to Central Committee that believe in the principles of liberty, the more likely we will have liberty loving candidates on the ballot.

One county that has had great success with this idea is Warren County. They had many liberty minded folks elected two years ago.  This year they have the chance to get more people involved.

If you live in Warren County, consider running for Central Committee. The filing deadline is in December. If you are in Butler or Hamilton County, you will have to wait until 2017 to start running….but that will come quicker than we think.

Come to the Warren County Liberty Alliance meeting tonight and learn more about the Central Committee effort.

Warren County Liberty Alliance Meeting
When: Monday, July 20th at 7pm
Where: Mason Fire Station 51. 4420 North Mason Montgomery Road Mason, Ohio

If you live in Warren County and want to make a difference, this is the meeting for you. The Warren County Liberty Alliance is focused on Central Committee. They will talk about filing deadlines, the petition process, finding how many voters you need to win in your race and understanding the voter data. They will also introduce you to Warren County candidates.

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