Watch videos and see pictures from Tax Day 2015

Vendor TablesWatch the entire Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day 2015.  Below are pictures, a recap and links to the sponsors and speakers at the event.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

Standing Room OnlyBrian Thomas was master of ceremonies, and did a great job as usual.  Chris Monzel, a member of the Hamilton County Commissioners, is a conservative who mentioned that his group has invited citizens to attend their meetings and offer suggestions. He told us how much money they were able to save on a project due to a citizen suggestion.

Heidi HuberHeidi Huber, who is very involved with eliminating Common Core, informed us that a “Local Control Restoration Act” will be introduced into the Ohio House. They are working to get sponsors.

Ben SwannBen Swan from Accuracy Check, on Channel 19, and now told us that: We are now living in a socialist country, given our government controls.
The office of the president is permitted to use our military wherever in the world he chooses, without the consent of Congress. The police departments in our country are being militarized, policing for profit…collecting revenue and have become dependent on it. Both democrats and republicans are now fascist. It should be called “corporatism” it’s the merger of corporate and government power
He defined fascism as a philosophy which says that the individual is never more important than the collective. (Ex.: If the gov. wants your property to build something which they think the people want, they can take it.) Fascism takes away personal freedom and property rights which is the basis of our freedom. The State makes the decisions for the collective, not the individual for themselves. We must FIGHT THIS DISEASE, HE SAID.

Jenny Beth MartinJenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots spoke about the IRS being used to punish conservatives for disagreeing with the President. She said that we should let our representatives know when we’re pleased with them by writing letters or calling. That way they will know that they are not alone in this fight. She told us to lobby for picture ID’s for voting on April 29th in Columbus.

Ted Stevenot spoke about the importance of Central Committee. He told us that in Clermont County it sometimes comes down to the fact that 100 people are responsible for telling 132,966 people who to vote for. This happens because the Central Committee members endorse candidates for the primary. He said that writing letters, calling, going to rallies is great but will not change things as much as changing Central Committee. That the answer!

Matt KibbeMatt Kibbe of Freedom Works talked about the union members and their freedom from Obamacare.  He said that we need to get rid of the alphabet agencies.
He mentioned that it is so important to put really good people into office. “Progressives 100 yrs ago knew that if they got the right people in charge, they’d be able to stay there, they don’t think they work for us. We even pay them to hire lobbyists to work against us!”

Thank you to our sponsors! These are amazing groups and businesses that stand for Liberty. Please thank them with your time and money!

TeaTea Party Patriots Party Patriots

AmericansAFP for Prosperity –

Freedomworks – 
Generation Opportunity –
Ohio Precinct Project
Building Blocks for Liberty –
EmpowerU Ohio
Second Call Defense –
Harald Zieger
Heartland Tshirts –
Concerned Veterans for America
Heritage Action –
Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
Diehl Insurance
Cincinnati Right to Life-
Fair and Square Bargain 2016 –
The Patriot Fair
Urban Banners
Ready Line Shooting Complex
Kyle Hufford for Springfield Township Trustee
Clean King 513-290-2852

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