What happened last night in the Rep Caucus on Medicaid Expansion


Update from Tom Z,  Portage County Tea Party

Last night’s meeting of the House Republican Caucus was very tense as our phone calls forced a lot of Representatives to come to grips with the fact that many of their supporters do not want Medicaid Expansion. House Speaker Batchelder was clearly agitated by our efforts and spent a significant amount of time lecturing members about being loyal to the Caucus and sticking together. He reminded them how hard he had worked for their election and how he had helped raise money for their election. He must have forgotten how hard many of us worked for their election and gave money to support them. He then criticized those members who were providing information to our movement about what the Caucus was thinking.  I guess their loyalty to the Caucus should supersede their loyalty to their constituents. The bottom line is that they did not take a vote at all. So, it looks like the House is not going to act  until they come back from Spring Break in April. Which gives us more time to rally more people in their districts to come out against medicaid expansion.

Let me also tell you that Speaker Batchelder stated directly to the Caucus last night that he did not support Medicaid Expansion. However, while we would think that means he is against it, his actions suggest a different meaning.  Instead, what we think the Speaker means is that they are going to propose an “alternative”.  The problem is that ALL of their so-called “alternatives” are Medicaid Expansion.  The Arkansas plan, just takes some of the money from Medicaid Expansion and gives it to some of the recipients so that they can then buy health insurance on the Federal Health Care Exchange. As we announced yesterday, there is no “Texas Plan”.  We have talked to people in Texas and they are against Medicaid Expansion and instead they want the feds to block grant the current Medicaid to the States, which they will not do. So, Texas will NOT Expand Medicaid. The Sears trip is a waste of tax payer money. Save the plane fare and make a phone call Representative Sears.


It was interesting that the Speaker was upset last night because the Perry people were complaining to him about activists in “Southwest Ohio” who are asking question and getting the conservatives in Texas worked up about Texas possibly following Kasich’s lead and Expanding Medicaid. It’s amazing how checking up on the facts and asking a few simple questions can cause so many people to get upset.

Keep telling them ‘No Medicaid Expansion’.

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